About Us

ColocateUSA.com is a subsidiary of Travail Systems, Inc., a privately held company that prides itself in delivering exceptional quality of service backed by an unexcelled dedication to our customers. We strive to exceed every customer's expectation and work diligently to quickly resolve any issue that may arise.

ColocateUSA is based in Dallas, Texas - an area rapidly expanding in data center space and high tech companies. This industry growth affords us access to experienced technical talent and high quality bandwidth to better meet customer needs.

Our Values

Devotion We pledge our best efforts to all customers; you are the reason we exist

Dedication We don't stop work until every customer is satisfied

Innovation We find creative ways to solve challenges and resolve issues

Expansion We work tirelessly to make the latest technology available for you

Our Mission

ColocateUSA.com strives to improve and expand its leading Internet services to a vast customer base. Our competitive pricing for superior products is backed by support second to none. We listen to our customers and continually improve our products and services to deliver exceptional value and ease of use.

Our Company

ColocateUSA is a progressive, fast-growing Internet services provider owned and operated in North Texas, a U.S. region widely known for its technical expertise.

Our lineup of cost-efficient hosting products and services enables businesses to save on operating costs and concentrate on their day-to-day operations, comfortable in the knowledge that our capable staff has taken the headaches out of their online IT infrastructures.

The highly skilled certified technicians at ColocateUSA have decades of experience with dedicated and managed servers, colocation equipment, network security, and general IT knowledge and support. Technicians stay abreast of the latest technical skills through study and industry certifications.

Why you should host with us:

1. We've built our business providing great service and value to our customers

2. Same Day Setup on most Dedicated servers and VPS

3. Cisco Powered Network with 99.9% uptime guaranteed

4. We will work with you to provide the service you need at a price you can afford

What our clients say:

ColocateUSA is a hosting company to emulate! Their ability to customize a solution to our needs has been extraordinary. Customer support is outstanding. All engineers have a strong knowledge base and were able to react promptly to any technical request. ColocateUSA's efficiency and abilities saved our company an enormous amount of money. Support does not indicate that they "are aware of the issue and working on it." They simply get the task done in a timely manner. Status updates were given instantly upon request. The staff's genuine efforts to help with any issue demonstrated their true professionalism. We definitely felt like valued clients. We never had any issues with reliability and uptime. A hosting company that provides quality of this caliber at a bargain price is a rare find! We now have more time to focus on our business! Thank you!

- Anthony Gruetzmacher
Helix Development