Press Releases

DALLAS, Texas (May 28, 2010) - ColocateUSA a provider of Internet service solutions announced today the acquisition of CPC Technologies, LLC, a premium colocation services provider located in Dallas, Texas. The combination of the two companies will further strengthen the market position of ColocateUSA as a leader in delivering web hosting and colocation solutions.

"The strategic acquisition of CPC Technologies opens the door to strengthening our overall product services and offerings, giving us a firm foundation on which to better serve our clients and to grow the company." said Ryan James, CEO and founder of ColocateUSA. "We welcome the family of CPC Technologies customers with open arms and look forward to serving their business needs with devotion, dedication, innovation and expansion - our core corporate values."

Due to the synergy of business models and an ease of integration, current CPC Technologies customers should expect little-to-no downtime during the transition period which is scheduled to be fully completed within the next two weeks.


Contact: Ryan James
Phone: (214) 256-3425 ext. 105