Dedicated Servers: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated Servers are physical servers (not virtual) that you lease, you are not required to have any hardware. ColocateUSA will provide space, power, hardware, and Internet connectivity for the agreed price. If anything happens to the hardware of the server, it will be fixed or the server replaced and an SLA credit issued to your account for the down time.

Are there different kinds of dedicated server?

Yes! We pride ourselves on using server grade components, unlike some compeditors. Our servers are designed for 24/7/365 uptime. If you choose us or someone else, make sure you get server grade gear.

ColocateUSA currently uses Intel Server Systems, which feature Intel server motherboards and Intel processors.

Why would I need a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are physical servers, if configured correctly, can provide better performance than Virtual private Servers(VPS). Dedicated Servers usually cost more than a VPS. You may want a dedicated server if you have a disk (I/O) or memory intensive application.

Can I get upgrades to my dedicated server?

Yes! ColocateUSA will work with customers that are in need of upgrades. If you need to move to a bigger system or just expand the system you currently use. In most cases this will require a small downtime to install the new hardware, but we can accomidate most scheduling needs. Please contact us for more information.