VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting represents the future of web hosting. For years full control (root access) has been a requirement for successful administration of servers and deployment of applications, but was only obtainable with more expensive dedicated servers."Virtual Dedicated Servers" overcome this problem and bring greater balance of control and power to suite your needs.

Platforms like OpenVZ and Xen and Hyper-V have revolutionized the hosting industry and enhanced offerings to go beyond dedicated servers by allowing a single high-performance server to provide cost effective VPS hosting with full root access, a choice of Linux and Windows operating systems, and compartmentalized file systems for multiple virtual private servers.

ColocateUSA provides both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting - you will have full control to administer your server as you please, while we ensure that your server has power and responds to ping.

New to virtual servers? See our Frequently Asked Questions and get the answers you need to decide on the right technology and plan to fit your budget.


If you are transitioning from shared hosting or you intend to run a LAMP or RoR production site, it is very likely that OpenVZ VPS hosting is the right choice for you.


Xen offers high-level control and customization which you won't find on other platforms - including: swap space management, full control of all iptables modules, loadable kernel modules, and access to a remote console for troubleshooting.


Hyper-V, Microsoft's custom built hypervisor. This is the best choice for running WIndows on a VPS, it is fast, reliable and cost effective to quickly get any Windows server up and running.